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The Gift

The Gift… (this is a poem I wrote to my adopted daughter, but believe it is a good poem for other adopted families whose family has suddenly grown)

 The best gift we can give you is not in a box or tied in a bow.

It’s been the blessing to be your parents and watch you grow,

but there is something we prayed for which now comes true.

It is a gift which will last from today and every day through.


It is a story God planned – a story God always meant to be told.

We’re just excited to see how God’s journey will continue to unfold.


See, you came to this world with prayers and our heart.

From the day we met you, we loved you from the start.

Yet our blood has never run through your veins or cells

no matter how hard we try this is never a story we can tell.


You have been our family not through flesh but through soul.

We never doubted you were made for us and you made us whole,

but today we give you the gift of what it means to feel complete.

What God knew from the beginning would make your story concrete.


When you’ve asked who in this world looks or acts like me?

Or who in this world is part of my birth family?

Who understands my beginnings without a word?

Who can make my life not seem so blurred?


Who makes me not feel alone on this Earth?

Who has the same genes given to them at birth?

Who I can fight with, but who I can count on the same?

Who is related to me by blood if not by name?


Until today there was no answer but to give you my love.

All I could do was wish upon the brightest star above,

but luckily God knew your story could not end here.

He knew there was another child very near.


A child who also dreamed of a sisterly bond.

Who would love you to the moon and beyond.

Who prays for a sister each and every night.

Who wishes for a sister with all of her might.


A sister who she wishes could be her friend.

Who would always be there to the very end.

Who she could tell her secrets and giggle aloud.

Who no matter what she would be forever proud.


Well, today is the day this dream can come true.

You’re no longer just a daughter, but you are a sister to.

You have a sister who will know you from the inside out –

Who will love you for you – there is no doubt.


So our little clan of three has opened our door

to see what amazing things God has in store.

Are you ready, my child, to continue God’s story?

Are you ready to meet your sister and embrace God’s glory?


If you’re ready, then open your heart and hold out your hand.

For beside you – your sister will continue to stand.

The adventures you’ll start, the things you will do

will continue to grow, my child, like the both of you.


So here is your gift my beloved daughter.

Take care of this gift and don’t ever let it falter.

For with this gift you have two hearts that beat as one.

I believe God’s gift of sisterhood is as bright as the sun.


It is something to cherish, it is part of God’s grace –

To give you the gift of family no matter what you face.

I can’t express the happiness this gift continues to provide

for family and God is the meaning of happiness from the inside.


We Love You!!!