Donate a Book

To meet Watts Bugging You’s vision of getting the right books into the right hands at the right time, we are kicking off a program to “Donate a Book” to a child. This program is an exciting opportunity for businesses, churches, the community, and the Watts Bugging You family to join in on our BUG mission of helping parents talk through real life scenarios (eg. cancer, bullying, adoption, moving, mental illness, divorce, etc.) with young children (2-7 years old) using faith messages, children’s language, and children’s character’s (Bugs). With your help of purchasing and donating a book for only $16.95, we will be able to reach our goal that every child across the nation at hospitals, schools, camps, churches, treatment centers, agencies, etc. will hear the messages they need to hear the most.


How You Can Get Involved: 1) Donate a book yourself 2) Spread the word to your family and friends about the program 3) Involve the program in company or community events 4) Contact us at if you know of a place you’d like to see the books donated to


How the Program Works:  1) Either sign-up at one of our events or go to the Watts Bugging You website ( 2) If you’re at an event, you can purchase the book, fill-out our order form with your name, email, how many books you’ve donated, and a special message to a child and family. If you go to the website, order a book and at checkout select “Donate a Book“, complete the billing information, how many books you’d like to purchase and donate, include a special message, and click on complete the order 5) The book(s) will be ordered and delivered to the Watts Bugging You office, in which, we will then personally inscribe your messages 6) Books will be personally handed out by the Watts Bugging You team (and when possible the community) at planned events where we will take pictures and include the pictures on our website 8) Thank You for your BUG heart – You should feel good that you’ve made a difference in a child’s and family’s life!

Donate a Book

Quote from a 5 year child with cancer: “What helped me the most when battling cancer was to have books and coloring books available when I was stuck in my bed and not feeling good.”

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