Watt’s Bugging You?

DSC_0734Welcome to the Watts Bugging You Family!

At Watt’s Bugging You, we have a BUG mission to touch children’s and parent’s lives. Our series of children’s books and products are aimed at helping parents talk through real life scenarios (cancer, bullying, adoption, disabilities, moving, etc.) with their young children (2-7 yrs. old) using faith messages, children’s language, and children’s characters (Bugs).

As part of our mission to give back and support the families we serve, we are committed to donating a percentage of all book proceeds to organizations paying it forward to kids.

To find out more about the series, please continue to visit our web site and click through the various sections on the Menu Tab (About Us, Books and Things, Community, and Blog). While navigating the site, you will find information on how we’re paying it forward, new products and ordering information, upcoming and past events, blogs around real life and faith messages, activities to help your family through real life scenarios, and the history about the series. You can also add to the site by providing feedback, pictures/videos, information on how you’re paying it forward, contest participation, and speaking requests. We look forward to you being part of the Watts Bugging You Family and getting to know you better!

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The word for 2019 is CONQUER and we will continue to conquer what’s ever in our way of getting the word out there about the Watts Bugging You Series. Our vision is the right books, will reach the right people, at the right time with the right messages, so, we’ll continue on this journey until we can reach this goal. Below are links to what we’ve been up to…to  reach our BUG vision!

  • Radio, Events, and Editorial Features:  Please visit our Events page to get an idea what we’ve been up to during the last couple of months. Thus far, Watts Bugging You has been on 150+ radio stations nationally and internationally including Fox and ABC Affiliates to promote both the Watts Bugging You Series and Childhood Cancer Awareness. Along with radio, we’ve conducted book signings/readings and been asked to write feature editorial articles. There are some upcoming holiday events, so, please visit our Events page to learn more. We feel blessed for all of the opportunities to get the word out about the Watts Bugging You Series and continue to ask for your prayers and support.
  • Donate a Book: Promote our “Donate a Book” Campaign and reach kids who need to hear our messages the most. Thus far, we have provided donated books to the Ronald McDonald House of Aurora and Brent’s Place. Through our seasonal campaign, we will provide donated books to Camp Wapiyapi and other organizations who work with children with Cancer.
  • Paying It Forward: Continue to pay it forward to organizations working with children either through our time or proceeds from selling our books. For our holiday campaign, we are excited to partner with Camp Wapiyapi with the goal of sending a child to camp.  Please go to the section on our website around paying it forward to read stories of how the Watts Bugging You Community is paying it forward.
  • Help Us: As always, we could use your help in sharing our site,  following us, providing us feedback, and purchasing our products. Also, if you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring or endorsing us, please let us know. Thanks!
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