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Kristen Barnett: Author

Author: Kristen BarnettKristen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Master’s Degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Human Resource Development, is a Director at a Consulting firm, but it is her experiences in life with God, her 4 year old daughter, and volunteer work with young children living life’s bumps and bruises that makes her the perfect author for this site, her ministry, and her books. Like many of you, she asked the tough questions when she lost her daughter Hope, when she sat with parents who feared losing their young child to cancer, and when she wondered whether the adoption process would ever end. She listened and coached parents who didn’t know what to say when life seemed bigger than them. It is these real life experiences which have led her to writing, healing, and not losing Faith even when it was tough to see light at the end of the tunnel. She knows only with God can there be light and hope.

Currently, Kristen lives in Colorado with her husband Phil, her daughter Ryley, and her dog Mugsy. She feels blessed God gave her the guidance, the life experiences, the love and respect for God’s little ones, and the words to write the Watts Bugging You? Series. She prays God’s heart will shine through her words and will reach the hearts of the young angels and parents who need the messages the most.


Cindy Calzada: Illustrator

Cindy Calzada: IllustratorIt has always been a dream of mine to be an artist. When I graduated high school, we did not have the resources for me to go to art school, so I decided the military was my way to get there. The day before I left for basic training, I met the man who would eventually become my husband. During our job training, we decided to get married. It had been months since we had seen each other, but I knew he was the one. When we finished training and got to our first duty station, he received orders to deploy to Afghanistan, and I became pregnant with our first son, Darian. Thankfully, my husband, Aaron, came home two days before he was born. Since then, we have been blessed with another boy, Andrew. Aaron and I have not had an ordinary life together. We have been through ups and down in our relationship, he has been on many deployments, and we have had the stresses of children to challenge us in our lives. I was born and raised a Christian, but he was not. He was raised with different values and religious practices. Over the time of our marriage, I have introduced him to The Lord and walked with him on his path to Christ. Our faith has kept our relationship strong through all we have been through together and apart. We are looking forward to more adventures and expanding our family with more children in the future.

I thought my dreams of being an artist were gone. It was too difficult to fit into a busy life of marriage and kids. I am so thankful to have been presented with the opportunity to achieve my dreams and be an artist for something as wonderful as the Watt’s Bugging You? series.

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