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Dear Cancer

To promote Cancer Awareness month, this month’s blog is a letter and poem to “Dear Cancer.” Since most of us have been impacted by Cancer one way or another, we know this blog could not have come any sooner. For me, in particular, when volunteering at my local Children’s Hospital, a favorite memory comes to mind; which is a cheer from a little boy in Oncology called “Dear Cancer”. As a dedication to this little boy’s will to fight, his hatred of Cancer, and his tenacity, we’ve written a “Dear Cancer” adage of our own.  We’ve also joined in the fight against childhood cancer by kicking off two campaigns during September and October which is the – 1) Donate a Book to a Child where you can buy and donate a book and we will deliver the book to a child in the hospital 2) A Pay It Forward campaign where a percentage of proceeds will be provided from every book sold to organizations who participate in pediatric cancer awareness and research. Whether you join in these campaigns or not, we hope as you read this letter you will consider saying a prayer for the families who face Cancer everyday, you will hug the little ones around you who are healthy, you will count your blessings, and you will participate, however you can, in the fight against the beast (eg. Cancer). After reading this poem, let us know what you think, if there are verses you’d add, and what you would say to “Dear Cancer”.


Beating the Beast (Dear Cancer)

Dear Cancer, why did you decide to choose me?

Don’t you know there’s more I need to do – can’t you see?

Dear Cancer,  why are you so evil and cruel?

What made you forget the golden rule?

Dear Cancer, why eliminate so many in your path?

Is it necessary to show your teeth and your wrath?

Dear Cancer, why would anyone chose to be your friend?

Since all you chose is to be mean until the very end.


Well, guess what Cancer – you don’t know my fate

Having love is not something in which you can relate

Being a fighter is who I am from my soul to my heart

I knew I’d fight you from the beginning – from the start

I’d ask for help when I needed a helping hand

I’d always be strong and with you I’d take a stand

Cancer, there is nothing worse, this I can say

But each day will be a blessing and of course a new day


So, whether I get to run across the final finish line

There is something you can’t take from me by design

You can’t take my memories – you can’t take those I love

You can’t take away my heaven from above

You can’t take away life’s accomplishments and wins

You can’t take away where I am and where I’ve been

So overall – you can’t take away what’s most important to me

Whether you show your claws, your fangs, your inner crazy


All you are, Cancer, is a bully and a giant, hairy beast

All you are is a parasite who constantly cripples and feasts

What you don’t know is we’ll find a cure

We’ll take away your pain and your allure

We’ll stab you in the heart right where it hurts

So you better keep awake and better be alert

For you never know when we will attack

All I know is you’ll be gone and never be back


So Cancer, just know,  we all think you suck

We will conquer you whether you hide or duck

We will be David with a rock and sling shot

Our faith will outshine anything you’re got

We’ll scream awareness and educate about you

We’ll learn new treatments and do what we need to do

We’ll beat you, beast, to the grave and to the ground

For life is not solely here – it’s heaven-bound!


Goodbye Beast