Serving Lunch – Ronald McDonald House at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Ronald-McDonald House

Our family experience at the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando is a perfect example of the old cliché of you get more than you give. While on our yearly vacation, we visited the Ronald McDonald House to serve lunch to families whose children are in the hospital, but what we got back was hearing stories of trials and triumph. The Arnold Palmer Hospital, which is where the house is located, is known for helping premature babies and their families. We heard of several stories of very premature babies who were on the road to recovery or children suffering from dog bites, chronic hip disorders, or a baby whose lymphatic system was not working as planned. Amazingly, all of these families were so gracious when they were having to be so strong for their children. We spent an afternoon serving chicken wings, chips, and macaroni and cheese, but what we really served was a small gift of caring. In the end, we got the gift of hugs and acceptance as the families willingly let us into their world. Glad not only did Ryley serve chips and meet Skyler a girl her age, but she experienced love and courage in action. Thanks Ronald McDonald House for what you do daily to support these families and thanks for your hospitality and opportunity for us to feed and support your families for a day.

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