Foster Care Support – Packs of Hope

Packs_of_HopeWhat is better than providing an ounce of hope for a child when there doesn’t seem to be much hope? Packs of Hope is a heartfelt organization that packs a backpack for each child entering Foster Care or is in Foster Care transition.

The backpacks are free to the counties and includes pajamas, pants, shirts, underwear, socks, a sweatshirt, a toy, and some toiletries. The purpose is for each child in the system to have their own personal belongings until they are placed into a Foster or new Foster family.

Together Ryley and I with our small group at church picked out clothes, toys, and toiletries for these children. My daughter put a lot of heart into it as she selected her favorite colors, characters, clothes, etc. It was a good mommy and daughter day. Wish we could adopt all of these little ones and take them away from any misery they may be feeling, but glad we could, at least, bring a little hope and maybe smile to their faces.

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