Pack the School Backpack- Primrose Schools

primroseIf you have children, this time of year you are preparing your child to go back to school. However, what if you are a parent who cannot afford to buy all of the necessities needed to go back to school? What if you are a child worried to go back because your family can’t afford what you need and you’re afraid of the other children making fun of you? Well, lucky for Ryley and I we were able to make a difference, at least, for one child. At Primrose Schools, they have a program called “Pack the Backpack”. This program allows families to buy materials for a child who otherwise might go to school empty handed. A great day of not only buying pink scissors and purple binders (since Ryley insisted on all of the girly stuff), but a good day of lessons learned as Ryley and I talked about who might receive the backpack. It was a fantastic way for all of the families at Primrose to make a difference one backpack at a time!

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