Food Pantry – Foothills Community Church

Food_PantryLove, love all of the experiences Ryley’s Sunday school has provided her to learn and give back. Recently, they were studying about Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz. So sweet to have my four year old give me her interpretation of the story. All she kept saying was Ruth took care of Naomi and helped feed her. What was even better (the cherry on top) was the Sunday school took it one step further and they had the children fill up a grocery bag that would then be donated to the church’s food pantry. Ryley was excited to help me fill the bag with cereal, soup, and canned vegetables. She said, “It’s ok Mom let’s give the people who need food my cereal.” She also had to carry the bag inside the Church. I let her help me carry it and to hand it over to her teacher. She was so very excited. Maybe this is a good sign she is learning what it means to take care of others. These are lessons you can only learn from experience and not a text book. I am so proud of my little one, her big heart, and her Sunday’s school vision to teach little hands and feet about having servant’s hearts. Even better we got to help put nutritious food on a family’s table. Time and money well spent!

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