Supporting Animals – Dumb Friend’s League

Dumb-Friends-LeagueHow cool is it when your daughter comes home from school and says, “Mom, can we please feed the animals without a home and can I please give them my dog stuffed toy because they will like it more than me?” Well, this is what happened and what caused Ryley and I to schedule a trip to the pet store. It was fun because I let her have full rein of picking out toys and food. She told me she wanted to buy items for a cat, so, this was our mission. Her school, Primrose, does so many wonderful food, toy, supply drives during the year and what is more special is Ryley is learning to give with joy. I remember when we use to donate items of hers and she would cry whether she could still wear the clothes or whether she had even played with the items for months. Now she smiles every time she gets to give. It is something; which makes her Mom proud. In reference to the Dumb Friend’s League, they are an awesome organization who saves lives of abandoned animals. They are a no kill shelter; which, of course, is aligned with my heart. Who does not want to give to an organization who cares so much about our furry friends and man’s best friend?

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