Orphanage in Cozumel, Mexico – Casa de La Esperanza

Casa de La EsperanzaIn this picture you see my daughter Ryley and a little girl named Cristina (Kristen in Spanish) who is the same age as Ryley. They met when we visited La Casa de La Esperanza an orphanage in Cozumel, Mexico. Right away they clicked. What a proud mother I was to see them laugh, run, and play together. Both of these children taught me a huge lesson this day…what it means to be like Jesus. What amazed me is they didn’t see differences in how they live or differences in language. Instead, they saw similarities and a bright smile. Sadly, the orphanage director told us the story between Cristina and Ryley is not typical. She said because of what the children have been through prior to the orphanage they don’t usually bond easily. She also said children who visit get scared because they see it is not like home. Luckily, our experience was God inspiring! We gave a suitcase of necessities which Ryley helped buy and hand over herself. On our way out – we saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly; which was another sign of God’s presence. A lot of coincidences in our visit from the new Directors living 10 minutes from us in Colorado to the first girl we meet being Ryley’s age and having my name, but in the end I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe if we all have a servant’s heart, God will work his miracles in us and our world whether we are big or small.

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