Food for Families – 9 News Cares

Another great event happened at Primrose where the students and families collected food for families. Again, Ryley and I participated. More and more, Ryley is finding joy in giving. For this event, she chose peas, green beans, corn, and soup for the families. She skipped over the macaroni and cheese telling me it wasn’t healthy for the families, although, macaroni and cheese is one of her favorites. She helped me buy the items and wanted to carry them into the school, so, she could drop them off. On the way to school she kept saying – we are going to help people who don’t have food, right mom? A good opportunity to discuss life’s hardships such as homelessness and starvation. We talked about a show we watched where parents mixed dirt with water because they didn’t have resources and needed to fill their children’s stomachs. This image really impacted Ryley. She mentioned how gross it would be to eat mud. Now our family and the families at Primrose got the chance to help people with resources. We discussed how it is our obligation to help those less fortunate. As we get the opportunity to do more and more of these events, hopefully Ryley takes the learnings of these events and applies them throughout her life. Hopefully she grows up having a heart of giving back. Hopefully, she will have the chance throughout her life-time to make true change. Good job Primrose schools and Channel 9 News in Denver to provide the means for us to give back.

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