On the Cross















Swollen hearts,

broken graves;

death before dust.


Evil looking upon us.

We turn from hope –

Sin slithering pain;

in human blood stains.


Why do we run?






Who is this man with nail holes on a cross?

A picture so grotesque.

A loss with such a cost.


How can he save me?

What can I learn, what can he teach?

Is he physically within our reach?

Can his touch be warm against our skin?

Why is it so hard for so many to let him in?

Why is there a barrier – a rift?

When God’s essence, his presence is a gift?


If Jesus was here today,

would it be okay –

to banish him to the cross?


Would we chose hate?

Would we feel his loss?


Would we listen to the majority?

 Would we shoot our young and abuse our elderly?


It pains me to think –

Evil is still our reality.


Turn on the tv and see –

The screaming;

the inequality.


It’s hard to believe –

We are offered a land of honey,

but we chose our mortal slavery.

 We chose a voice of mediocrity.


It’s not hope we seek

 as we turn the other cheek.


I wish for a world…

Where peace is not a question.

 Where we actually learn our lesson.


Where history does not repeat –

The harms and pains in our streets.


Where greed is not the driver.

 Where we don’t need to be a survivor.


Faith is not just a feeling –

 It’s light, grace, and healing.


Greatness beyond power

in our most difficult hour.


Faith gives us the story

of true meaning and glory.


It’s not words on stone,

but something we must own.


Faith is something you behold

even when you are told…


It’s not tangible, it’s not real.

There’s no God who is able to heal.


Words won’t change minds.

Faith is hope beyond human kind.


Faith is to know he’s never left; he’s here

even when we don’t think he cares.


Faith is not something you need to see –

It’s breath, it’s freedom, it’s clarity.


For those who can’t touch faith’s glow –

I’ll let you know…


I have not always believed.

I have actually been mad and grieved.


I’ve said…”Why God – why now”?

I’ve screamed God how can this be – how?”


I’ve not understood speaking in another voice

or how a child’s death could be God’s choice.


I’ve had a hard time with faith healing doubts

or believing in religion with pompous and clout.


I’ve been tested and have many times failed

since it’s hard to believe what believing entails.


All I can say is I’ve heard God speak.

His words have been clear when all else is bleak.


The words may not come directly from his lips,

but it’s God clearly surging through my finger tips.


Please God give me the wisdom to show your words.

If only I could make you be seen, be heard.


In my life, you were there when our daughter died.

I know for a fact you were right by my side.


You embraced me when “Hope” had left the room.

Only you could have eased the impending doom.


You knew what I needed when no one could have guessed.

It wasn’t coincidence or imagining I was blessed.


Many would think I’m crazy with this whole ordeal,

but in my heart I know what is fake and what is real.


I could try to explain it away, but I know what I heard.

Whether it sounds ridiculous or absurd.


God spoke to me word for word what I wanted to hear –

An AHA moment so prolific and clear.


I can tell this one case, but believe you want more.

Please, God, help me relate to what you have in store.


Let me use you to show life beyond grey.

Help me show your light each and every day.


God use me to be your messenger and guide.

Through words help me show that you have not died.


Help me show that you can be touched and felt –

No matter what in a person’s life has been dealt.


You are alive and well as I personally know.

Help me pass along your passion and faith’s almighty glow.


I love you – Amen!!


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