Donkey Rescue – Longhopes Donkey Shelter

Longhopes_Donkey_ShelterNot a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon then to have my daughter adore a bunch of donkeys and to donate to the Sanctuary at the same time. At the Longhopes Donkey Shelter fundraising event, Ryley got to pet, ride, create donkey crafts, and learn about these loveable creatures. She left learning about how donkeys teeth change with age from oval shaped to triangular shaped. She also learned how to hee-haw exactly like a donkey. We both couldn’t resist giggling the first time we heard their brays.

Saturday, for us, was not only about attending an event, but it was one of those priceless moments where we got to see innocence and un-adultered love from the eyes of our child. Ryley couldn’t stop talking about the donkeys all weekend. She wanted us to adopt one, but our suburb, less than an acre lot wouldn’t be the best environment. However, we did get to donate to assist in medical costs, feeding, and care of these gentle beasts. The Longhopes Donkey Shelter helps rescue, rehabilitate, and prepare donkeys for adoption. They never want to turn a hurting donkey away. They also help local residents in boarding donkeys during extended vacations.

We left with heartfelt stories such as Sully who came in with hoofs that looked like elf shoes who was now healing to the donkey who was almost fully recovered from a pit bull attack. Hearing these stories, it makes you realize it is all of our jobs to help take care of God’s wonderful creatures. On a good note, we left knowing these animals are well loved by their Longhopes Volunteer family. It was apparent all of the volunteers had the same giddy reaction to these animals just like my daughter. We also left praying all hurting donkeys make their way to their forever, loving home either at Longhopes Donkey Shelter, similar shelters around the world, or to a new, loving home. Thanks once again to the Longhopes Donkey Shelter for an eventful, learning day for my daughter…God Bless and Happy Trails!

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