Hope for Those in Need- Haven’s Hope

Haven's Hope Monthly our church has an event called Haven’s Hope; which is really Heaven’s Hope for many families. Haven’s Hope is an organization which provides diapers, mentoring, other necessities, and plenty of love to families of domestic violence or families under the poverty line. For years, we’ve donated our time and given donations to this heavenly organization. As a mother, not only does this organization give me an opportunity each month to love on lots of little ones in the playroom, but also gives Ryley a chance to see God’s love at work. This month we donated the last three years of costumes. At first, Ryley was skeptical of giving away her costumes especially the cupcake, but when we got to the church she handed them right over and said to me, “It’s great to share Mama.” She even asked if we could give them her unused diapers she won’t need anymore. Wow are we blessed! Hopefully, the children who get to be a duck, Elmo, or a cupcake have as many fond memories as we had with those costumes. Thanks Ryley and God for another beautiful moment in time.

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