Education and Basic Needs – Compassion International

Compassion_InternationalThe name compassion is perfect for the Compassion International organization. This organization is about sponsoring children who don’t have opportunities without a helping hand. The money goes to education and children’s basic needs. Today they had an interactive experience which allowed us to walk through the lives of two children before and after they were sponsored. It was a walk through life in Africa and the Philippines. My heart was saddened to hear about the poverty, but to look at my daughter’s face and know it was also impacting her was a great teachable moment. After the tour, she said the saddest part was the brother who died. She actually listened and cared. With four year olds sometimes their attention lasts two seconds, but today her attention lasted the entire 30 minute exhibit. Thank you Compassion International for giving me an experience to share with my daughter and for teaching her an important lesson about compassion..

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