A Sexy God

He is present…

Through breaths of wisdom,

Touches of essence,

Kisses of eternity.

His mind arouses me –

His words awaken me.

What is more erotic

then a God

who fills my soul,

slithers through my dreams,

lightens my passion,

holds my hand,

enters my being?


As a child…

I did not know this God.

He was a fog  –

unclear, muddled

distant, faded.


Then time stood

and through the fog he was there –

Smiling, vibrant,

alive, present.


He knew my name.

He knew my heart.


But how could he?

We had not met

except through pages

of a book.

Except through words

on a pulpit.


So I walked,



and grew faint.


Desperately curious,

undyingly craving,

blind and unaware.


So many clouds.

So many unknowns.

Dark as night.



Barren of

skin to skin –

Breath to breath.


Yet, my love, you were always there…

Calling to me

in promises,

in hope,

In truth.


Secrets behind hidden sheets

you blanketed me,

embraced me,

kept me in shades of red.


You became…

every wave of my ocean,

ecstasy of emotion,

purity of spirit.


So alive…

You stood your ground

behind the clouds,

through the rain,

in puddles of doubt.


You kept your word

in trials of spirit,

mountains of pain,

lands of honey.


You stood still

never exploited;

naked in truth.


As loud as I cried,





You knew me

every lush part of me –


Every blemish,

drenched in beauty of spirit,

beauty of self.


How could I not believe –

As I stared in your eyes?

Danced in your rhythm?


A partner not of chance –

You held me

through the quiet,

through the storm.


I could hear your heartbeat.

It ached for my will.

It beat for my trust.


A dance of decision –

You entranced me,

adored me,

forgave me;

never dropped me.


At times I felt the creak of the floor,

the allure of my failures,

the sway of my faults.

Yet you talked to me

in visions,

in prayers,

in unmistakable moments.


No one would believe

this ragged girl…

Was only ragged

through her own eyes.


Ashes to ashes.

A cleansing of being.

A bride cloaked

In her partner’s outstretched arms.


Oh, how I love thee

as we touch side by side,

face to face

whisper to whisper.


Naked to my bones….

You complete me.

You welcome me.

You teach me

to follow your lead.


Making love with eyes wide open…

in the moment.

Letting go…

of the control.

Holding tight…

to your image.


Your glow –

Your penetrating glow.


How lucky am I

that you chose me?


 You chose me

in fields of drought

and abstinence of thought.


You chose me to dance

in movements of grace,

shadows of uncertainty.


You chose me

as we swung to…

My purpose,

my destiny;

our dance of life.

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